3 laws to know in Louisiana school zones

Summer months are over and school is back in session! Make sure you know the following when driving through a school zone for your morning and afternoon commutes:

  1. Slow down when you approach school zones or school crossings!

    According to the New Orleans Code of Ordinances , it is unlawful for the driver of any vehicle to exceed a speed on 20 mph when the school is open during the following hours: 7:00 am to 9:00 am and 2:45 pm to 4:45 pm.

    If caught speeding in a school zone, you could find yourself paying a hefty fine.

  2. We all run late sometimes, but don’t speed around buses loading kids!

    School zones are no passing zones, according to Louisiana Law! The driver of a vehicle in a two-lane highway or street cannot pass another vehicle in a school zone.

    If you do, you can get a ticket and/or fine.

  3. Don’t use your phone is a school zone!

    You shouldn’t be using your phone while operating a vehicle to begin with, but especially don’t use it in a school zone. According to Louisiana Law, the use of wireless communications is prohibited. This includes:

    • Accessing, reading, or posting to social networking sites or web-based service

    • Engaging in a call

    • Writing, sending, or reading a text message, instant message, or electronic mail

    However, there are some exceptions. You may use your electronic device in a school zone to:

    • Report a car accident or other motor vehicle wreck

    • Report a medical emergency or serious road hazard

    • Report a situation regarding you personal safety

    • Report criminal acts against another driver or person

    • Operate your communication device IF your car is lawfully parked

    Any violation of these laws can result in tickets and/or fines.

Share these reminders with your friends and family so they too can be aware!

Ron Austin

Ron Austin

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